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John Calvin (from the Museum of Ventura County collection) Calvin's Sermon on Ephesians 5:28-30


Read by Lee Gatiss

Sadly, the mp3 recorder had not been invented in the 16th century, so we shall have to wait until glory to hear the voice of the magisterial Reformer John Calvin. But if you close your eyes and suspend your disbelief while listening to this new recording of Calvin's sermon on Ephesians 5:28-30, you may just be able to detect the sophisticated French accent and smell the fresh air gently wafting in over Lake Geneva...

Calvin's sermon deals with the text, with insightful practical application for marriages and humanitarian compassion, as well as expounding some profound theology of union with Christ, the incarnation, and the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation.

"Our resorting to sermons must be not only to hear things we do not know, but also to be stirred up to do our duty and to be wakened when we are slack and slothful by good and holy warnings, and to be rebuked if there be any stubbornness and malice in us." Opening line of Calvin's sermon on Ephesians 6:1-4.

Click here to download the talk in mp3 format

The file is about 27MB and lasts around 38 minutes.

Lee GatissAbout the Speaker

Lee Gatiss is the Editor of The Theologian and author of an article called "The Inexhaustible Fountain of All Good Things: Calvin on Union with Christ in Ephesians" in Themelios 34.2 (2009).

He doesn't do French accents.