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A Bishop Chess PieceWhat's Wrong with Women Bishops?

by Gerald Bray

Gerald Bray examines the case for and against women in the episcopate. An audio resource in mp3 format.

Click here also for an article on this subject by Gerald Bray called Bishops, Presbyters and Women.

The Church of EnglandThe Church of England

by Christopher Ash

What is the Church of England, in theory and in practice? What is it for? Christopher Ash addresses these questions prompted by the advance of liberalism in the church.

Peter JensenWhy I am Protestant Reformed and Evangelical

by Peter Jensen

Three talks from the Archbishop of Sydney to help Christians clarify their identity in a confusing theological world. An audio resource in mp3 format.

Holy Communion in Common Worship

by David G. Peterson

The Principal of Oak Hill Theological College with an in-depth critique of the most recent Anglican liturgies for the Lord's Supper.

Women in the Episcopate

by Michael J. Ovey

Mike Ovey's submission to the Rochester Commission on Women in the Episcopate looks at biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral concerns.


Gospel Ministry in Ephesus and London (mp3)

with Peter Adam

Peter Adam draws some valuable lessons for today from the way the Bible addresses problems in the first century church of Ephesus.

The Locus of the Church
Heaven or Earth?

by David G. Peterson

David Peterson asks a crucial ecclesiological question whilst reviewing a controversial book.

God and Sex

by Christopher Ash

Unravelling the issues in Part 2 of Christopher Ash's series of sermons prompted by the appointment of a liberal Archbishop.

Authority and the Bible

by Christopher Ash

One of three sermons looking at issues arising from the appointment of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury. Is the Bible our rule today?

Trends in Common Worship

by David Phillips

David Phillips, Director of Church Society on trends in the new Church of England liturgies.

The Words of Institution

by Ros Clarke

Examining the function of Jesus' words in the celebration of the Lord's Supper.

Are Evangelicals Necessarily Fundamentalists?

by David Gibbs

David Gibbs wonders whether evangelicals should be proud of the name “Fundamentalists”.