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The Invisibility of GodThe Invisibility of God: A Misunderstood Phenomenon

by Andrew Malone

The Old and New Testaments appear to offer contradictory evidence as to whether God can be seen. Does "no-one has ever seen God" mean he is invisible, or just unseen? Andrew Malone tackles the question from a biblical and systematic perspective.

Scripture - Clearly Obscure?Scripture - Clearly Obscure?

by Gerald Bray

Gerald Bray looks at the challenge and promise of biblical interpretation today, and assesses various new approaches such as literary and theological criticism.

BibleThe Warning Passages in Hebrews

by Lee Gatiss

Lee Gatiss looks at the function of the controversial warning passages in the argument of Hebrews.

The Blackham-Goldsworthy Debate

Paul Blackham and Graeme Goldsworthy debate at Oak Hill on the clarity of faith in Christ in the Old Testament.

Homosexual Relationships and the Bible

by David Field

Former Vice-Principal of Oak Hill College examines the biblical texts disputed in current debates, and shows that the Bible as a whole is clear and unambiguous.

Pierced for our Transgressions

by Lee Gatiss

A meditation on Isaiah's fourth Servant Song in the light of its fulfilment in Christ.

The Exodus Plagues Narrative

by Lee Gatiss

The place of the plagues in the narrative and theology of Exodus considered.

Footwashing and the Death of Jesus

by David Gibson

Acts of humble service may make us like Jesus, but it is only Jesus’ act of humble service that makes us belong to him.

The Relationship between the Stanzas of Psalm 119

by Marcus Nodder

Marcus Nodder examines the links and connections between the different stanzas of the longest Psalm.

Pneumatology in John's Gospel

by Carl Chambers

Carl Chambers takes a look at the Holy Spirit in the fourth Gospel.

The Message of Daniel

by Graham Beynon

Two Testaments: One Bible

by Gerald Bray

A Reformed understanding of the relationship between the Old and New Testaments