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Archbishop Peter JensenA Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical Christian

by Archbishop Peter Jensen

Three talks from the Archbishop of Sydney which inform, encourage, and challenge Christians to think more carefully about their identity in a confused and confusing world.

When lines must be drawn, it is best to be a Protestant Reformed Evangelical Christian.

Martin Foord Calvin and the Gospel

by Martin Foord

What did the great Genevan Reformer, theologian, and preacher say about the gospel? And does our definition of what the good news is have any bearing on our preaching and teaching anyway...?

R. Kent Hughes

Jaffa Cakes with Kent Hughes

and Lee Gatiss

Expository preaching, large churches, how to define success in ministry, penal substitution, limited atonement, homeschooling, and infant baptism - it's all here!

The Law in the Life of a Christian

by Peter Jensen

The Archbishop of Sydney examines the controversial subject of the role of the Old Testament commandments in the life of a new covenant believer. A set of 4 talks.

God in the Driving Seat?

with Ben Cooper

An in-depth discussion of God's sovereignty, our freedom and responsibility, and the practical pastoral impact of the Bible's teaching. Plus, why God must punish sin and other interesting morsels in this interview.

Down the Pub

with Dr. Lane Tipton

A conversation with Lane Tipton of Westminster Theological Seminary. Covering the relationship between the Bible and systematic theology, union with Christ in the New Testament and Calvin, justification and the New Perspective on Paul, and how to engage in theological disputes with godliness and humility.

A Theological Conversation

with Peter Adam

The Principal of Ridley College, Melbourne discusses the Law, Christophanies, and God's ability to speak. Plus... George the Poodle.

Theology and Everyday Life

by Carl Trueman

Four talks on the creeds, the Reformation, and the theological issues and challenges facing the church today.

Lessons for the Church

by Mark Dever

Mark Dever looks at what the church needs to learn from the past (especially the puritans), the present, and the future. A set of three talks.