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Church History

J. Gresham MachenChristianity & The Tolerance of Liberalism

by Lee Gatiss

What can we learn from the Presbyterian controversies of the 1920s and 30s? Was Gresham Machen's strategy for dealing with liberalism all good? 3 audio lectures in mp3 format.

Bishop Nicholas RidleyThe Death and Doctrine of Nicholas Ridley

by Garry Williams

Garry Williams examines the theology of Bishop Nicholas Ridley on the Lord's Supper, for which he was martyred. An audio lecture in mp3 format.

Martin LutherLuther's Theology of the Cross

by Carl Trueman

The great Reformer's concern was to see all of life in the light of the cross. A look at the implications of this for ethics and pastoral practice.

Luther and the Jews

by Christopher Probst

Martin Luther's deeply troubling engagement with the Jewish people is still unknown to many Protestants.

Tertullian and the Early Church (mp3)

by Gerald Bray

With all his usual insight and humour, Gerald Bray describes the history of the early Western church, and examines particularly the great Latin theologian, Tertullian.

A Church Halfly Reformed

by Peter Adam

Peter Adam examines Puritan models of church reform, with valuable lessons for today's reformers.

When a College Goes Wrong

by Lee Gatiss

Discord and strife between evangelicals in the same institution. Theology faculty on one side, money and ‘practical men’ on the other. The story of how Princeton was lost as conservatives failed to work together.

The History of the English Baptists

by Graham Beynon

Graham Beynon gives us an overview of the rise and development of Baptists in England over the last few centuries.

The Political Weakness of the Church in Cuba

by Carl Chambers

Carl Chambers writes on the silence of the church in the 1950s and its continuing effect.