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Peter Adam - A Theological Conversation with Peter Adam (mp3)
Peter Adam - A Church Halfly Reformed
Peter Adam - Gospel Ministry in Ephesus and London (mp3)
Peter Adam - Calvin and the Preaching of the Word (mp3)

Christopher Ash - Authority and the Bible (on Rowan Williams #1)
Christopher Ash - God and Sex (on Rowan Williams #2)
Christopher Ash - The Church of England (on Rowan Williams #3)

Graham Beynon - The Rise and Development of the English Baptists
Graham Beynon - The Message of the Book of Daniel
Graham Beynon - The Role of Women in Christian Ministry

Paul Blackham - Christ in the Old Testament
The Blackham – Goldsworthy Debate - Questions and Answers

Richard Baxter - A Warning against Pride

Gerald Bray - Can God Suffer?
Gerald Bray - Is there a Place for Reform in the Church of England?
Gerald Bray - Bishops - Presbyters - and Women
Gerald Bray - Two Testaments - One Bible
Gerald Bray - What's Wrong with Women Bishops? (mp3)
Gerald Bray - Tertullian and the Early Church (mp3)
Gerald Bray - Scripture - Mere Text?
Gerald Bray - Scripture - Clearly Obscure? The challenge and promise of biblical interpretation today

John Calvin - Defence of Infant Baptism
John Calvin - Sermon on Ephesians 5:28-30 (mp3)

D. A. Carson - The New Perspective on Paul (mp3)

Carl Chambers, Pneumatology in John’s Gospel
Carl Chambers - The Political Weakness of the Church in Cuba
Carl Chambers - Are There Few That Be Saved?

Tim Chapman - The Alpha Course Examined
Tim Chapman - The Discipline of a Christian Mind

Church of England - The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion (mp3)

Greg Clarke - Fantasy Literature and Christian Readers (Harry Potter)

Ros Clarke - The Function of the Words of Institution in the Celebration of the Lord's Supper

Ben Cooper - God in the Driving Seat? (mp3)
Ben Cooper - Divine vs. Human Choices

Glenn N. Davies - Children and Salvation

Ermine Desmond - A Force for Good: William Wilberforce and the End of Slavery

Mark Dever - Bible Reading on 1 Timothy 1:12-17 (mp3)
Mark Dever - Lessons from the Past (mp3)
Mark Dever - Lessons from the Present (mp3)
Mark Dever - Looking to the Future (mp3)

David Field - Homosexual Relationships and the Bible

Martin Foord - Calvin and the Gospel (mp3)

Mark Garcia - Calvin and Drive-by Theology (mp3)

Lee Gatiss - An Introduction to Malachi (mp3)
Lee Gatiss - The Reformed Consensus on Justification
Lee Gatiss - The Passion of the Christ in Isaiah 53
Lee Gatiss - Love is the Greatest thing (1 Corinthians 13)
Lee Gatiss - The Issue of Pre-Marital Sex
Lee Gatiss - Justified Hesitation? J.D.G. Dunn & the Protestant Doctrine of Justification
Lee Gatiss - Biblical Authority in Recent Evangelical Books
Lee Gatiss - Evangelistic Sermons in the Book of Acts
Lee Gatiss - The Warning Passages in the Book of Hebrews
Lee Gatiss - The Place of the Plagues Narrative in the Book of Exodus
Lee Gatiss - Abortion and our Attitude to the Foetus
Lee Gatiss - Is Christianity a Revealed Religion?
Lee Gatiss - The Autobiography of a 'Meer Christian': Baxter's Account of the Restoration
Lee Gatiss - Christianity and the Tolerance of Liberalism (mp3)
Lee Gatiss - When a Theological College Goes Wrong

David Gibbs - Are Evangelicals Necessarily Fundamentalists?

David Gibson - Losing my Religion: 'The Passion of the Christ' and Evangelical Spirituality
David Gibson - The Johannine Footwashing and the Death of Jesus

Mike Gilbart-Smith - Can Systematic Theology be Truly Biblical?
Mike Gilbart-Smith - Expositional Impostors

Graeme Goldsworthy - A Reply to Paul Blackham (on Christ in the Old Testament)
Graeme Goldsworthy - Ontology and Biblical Theology: A Reply to Carl Trueman
The Blackham – Goldsworthy Debate - Questions and Answers

Peter Head - How to Spell Habakkuk (Habakkuk 1)

James Hughes - Humanists and Scholastics

R. Kent Hughes - Jaffa Cakes with Kent Hughes (mp3)

Peter F. Jensen - The Role of the Law in the Life of a Christian (mp3)
Peter F. Jensen - Moses: Dead and Alive (mp3)
Peter F. Jensen - Love of Neighbour (mp3)
Peter F. Jensen - Coveting and Sabbath (mp3)

Peter F. Jensen - Why I am a Protestant Christian (mp3)
Peter F. Jensen - Why I am a Reformed Christian (mp3)
Peter F. Jensen - Why I am an Evangelical Christian (mp3)

David Broughton Knox - Kept by God?
David Broughton Knox - The Church and Denominations

Martin Luther - The Freedom of a Christian
Martin Luther - Preface to Romans

Andrew Malone - John Owen and Old Testament Christophanies
Andrew Malone - The Invisibility of God: A Survey of a Misunderstood Phenomenon

Matthew Mason - A Spiritual Banquet: John Calvin on the Lord's Supper

Ro Mody - Justification and Union with Christ

Marcus Nodder - The Relationship between the Stanzas of Psalm 119

Michael J. Ovey - Women in the Episcopate
Michael J. Ovey - The Son of God Incarnate in a Hostile World
Michael J. Ovey - Inseparable Operation: The Trinity Working Together (mp3)
Michael J. Ovey - Why Bother with Systematic Theology? (mp3)

David G. Peterson - The Locus of the Church: Heaven or Earth?
David G. Peterson - Holy Communion in Common Worship

David Philipps - Trends in Common Worship

Christopher Probst - Martin Luther and "The Jews": A Reappraisal

John Richardson - Theological Chit-Chat (mp3)

Vaughan Roberts - The Place of Music and Singing in Church
Vaughan Roberts - Getting the Message Out

Peter Sanlon - The Embers of Preaching and the Flames of Piety

Philip Schaff - The Necessity of the Reformation

Adam Sparks - Church Family?  Intergenerational Tensions in the Church
Adam Sparks - Beyond the Worship Wars: Music and worship in the 21st Century Evangelical Church

Charles H. Spurgeon - Infant Salvation

Lane Tipton - Down the Pub with Lane Tipton (mp3)

Augustus Montague Toplady - Calvin's Influence on the English Reformation

Carl Trueman - Christianity, Liberalism and the New Evangelicalism
Carl Trueman - A Revolutionary Balancing Act (Debate with Graeme Goldsworthy)
Carl Trueman - Martin Luther's Theology of the Cross
Carl Trueman - Theology and Everyday Life: The Reformation and Beyond (mp3)
Carl Trueman - Contemporary Challenges to Theology and Church Life (mp3)
Carl Trueman - What should a theological church look like? (mp3)
Carl Trueman - Q & A with Carl Trueman (mp3)

Stephen Walton - Post-Modernity and the Church's Mission
Stephen Walton - Why were the Early Christians Persecuted?
Stephen Walton - Is the Bible Anti-Semitic?
Stephen Walton - Penal Substitution and Social Transformation

Garry Williams - A Christian Response to the Da Vinci Code (mp3)
Garry Williams - No Good News: A Response to Alister McGrath’s Assessment of Rowan Williams

Garry Williams - Punished in our Place: A Reply to Steve Chalke on Penal Substitution
Garry Williams - The Death and Doctrine of Nicholas Ridley (mp3)

Paul Worledge - The Centrality of “Conscience” Terminology in Hebrews 9 –10