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The Rt. Revd. Dr. Peter JensenThe Law in the Life of a Christian

by Peter Jensen

Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, addresses the controversial issue of the role of the Old Testament Law in the life of a Christian believer. Four talks in mp3 format.

Carl TruemanLiberal Christianity

by Carl Trueman

Carl Trueman on the response of Reformed theologian Gresham Machen to liberal theology - with some penetrating applications for evangelicals today.

The CrossKept by the Power of God?

by D. B. Knox

The former Principal of Moore College scrutinises an Arminian attempt to pit the New Testament warning passages against a biblical doctrine of the preservation of the saints.

Why Bother with Systematics? (mp3)

Mike Ovey defends the cause of systematic theology from the charge that it is merely imposing a framework on God's word.

God in the driving seat (mp3)

with Ben Cooper

An in-depth discussion of God's sovereignty, our freedom and responsibility, and the practical pastoral impact of the Bible's teaching. Plus, why God must punish sin and other interesting morsels in this interview.

Justification & Union With Christ

by Ro Mody

Limited Atonement is just one of the doctrinal implications of considering the related subjects of union with Christ and justification.

Down the Pub (mp3)

with Dr. Lane Tipton

A chat about the relationship between the Bible and systematics , union with Christ, justification, the New Perspective, and engaging in theological disputes with godliness.

Biblical Authority in Recent Evangelical Writings

by Lee Gatiss

Lee Gatiss examines the role of biblical authority in Stott, Packer, and McGrath.

Calvin and Drive-By Theology (mp3)

by Mark Garcia

A look at Calvin's doctrine of union with Christ and a warning against misrepresentating it in polemical "blog theology."

Divine vs. Human Choices

by Dr. Ben Cooper

Economist and theologian Ben Cooper relieves the tension between God's sovereignty and human will with "choice theory"

Punished in our Place?

by Garry Williams

Did Jesus bear the punishment for our sin on the cross, or not? Garry Williams replies to Steve Chalke's denial of the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement.

Justified Hesitation?

by Lee Gatiss

Should the New Perspective on Paul make us hesitant about preaching justification by faith?

The Trinity Works Together (mp3)

Mike Ovey on the inseparable operations of the Trinity, with reference to Augustine, Rahner, and John's Gospel.

Is Christianity a Revealed Religion?

Lee Gatiss asks a simple question about the foundations of our faith.

The Reformed Consensus on Justification

by Lee Gatiss

What does the Reformed tradition teach about justification by faith?

Can God Suffer?

Gerald Bray attempts an answer to the difficult question of God’s impassibility.

Are there few that be saved?


Carl Chambers asks a doctrinal and pastoral question of great importance.