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Calvin's Influence on the English Reformation by Augustus Toplady (an extract from his Historic Proof of the Doctrinal Calvinism of the Church of England).

Church History

Augustus Montague Toplady Reformed Theology in the Church of England

by Lee Gatiss

In three talks Lee Gatiss looks at Reformed theology and the doctrines of grace, from the English Reformation to the Evangelical Revival.

Can those who would call themselves 'Reformed' today be happy in the Church of England? The Reformed foundations of our church history are unfolded, looking especially at the 'Evangelicals' of the 18th century such as George Whitefield and John Wesley.

Lee Gatiss unpacks some of their debates over issues such as predestination and so-called 'limited atonement.' The writings and hymns of Augustus Montague Toplady (1740-1778) are opened up to see what this colourful figure had to say on these matters, and what he can teach us today in our context.

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Talk 01 The Reformed Tradition in the C of E (78 mins, 36 MB)

Talk 02 The Reformed Tradition in the C of E (66 mins, 30 MB)

Talk 03 The Reformed Tradition in the C of E (33 mins, 15 MB)

These talks were originally given at the Church Society Conference in 2009.

Lee GatissAbout the Author

Lee Gatiss is the Editor of Theologian and the author of The True Profession of the Gospel: Augustus Toplady and Reclaiming our Reformed Foundations published by Latimer Trust and also available on Amazon. He is the Series Editor of The Reformed Evangelical Anglican Library.